All On The Line S2E2: Qristyl Frazier

Posted on December 05, 2011

Meet Qristyl Frazier, a former Project Runway contestant and current “don’t call if Plus Size, call it Plus Sexy” designer. Qristyl is loaded with personality and no small amount of talent, but she’s extremely unfocused, to the point of appearing scatterbrained.

She is also evidence of just how long and how much we’ve blogged about Project Runway because we can spell her name without ever once having to look it up. Professionals, bitches.


Anyway, Qristyl has a fantastic understanding of how to design for a larger lady. Her clothes are bright, feminine and mostly very flattering. She has an unfortunate need to prove that jumpsuits can look great on anybody, as well as the typical struggling designer’s tendency to overwork her looks, sometimes to the point of being a little tacky.

Joe tasks her with making a look for a size 2, just to shake up her point of view and in the hopes that it will get her to start thinking about whether there should be a difference in how you design for a size 2 at all. Sitting in to judge her efforts are Rachel Roy and Olivia Palermo, who supposedly will be wearing the look if she likes it.

To be honest, we weren’t blown away by it. We don’t love the color of the top, let alone the shape of it. But we’re almost ashamed to admit that we didn’t see the possibilities…

Because the minute Olivia put the jacket on, we totally got it. The other two pieces left us flat, but that jacket really is a fantastic little piece.

Unfortunately, Qristyl let her ADHD get the better of her and, despite Joe’s charge that she remain focused, decided to make a second look to show them. It was, not surprisingly, awful. Although it did provide some wonderful comedy with Rachel’s earnest, hearfelt, “Why did you show this to me? This should never be shown to ANYBODY.”

Later, Joe did the focus group thing, forcing Qristyl and her team to watch a group of women rip her clothes to shreds.


She didn’t take it well.

On the one hand, her getting all defensive with these ladies and trying to give them a hard sell when they were only there to offer their opinions was kind of exasperating and we don’t blame Joe for being pissed at her. On the other hand, it was kind of hilarious.

Anyway, Joe gives her a shot at presenting a line to Lane Bryant, with the usual chance that they’ll buy it if they like it. We had some doubts at this point. She was coming off too stubborn and scatterbrained and we feared she was going to send a bunch of pieces out similar to the one that made Rachel Roy almost vomit up her lunch.

We thought the fit on this was pretty astonishingly good, and that the color and proportions were perfectly flattering. But we weren’t a bit surprised when the Lane Bryant people noted that jumpsuits are a tough sell to their customer base.


We weren’t all that crazy about this top and neither were the people from Lane Bryant. They also weren’t crazy about the pants but we thought they had a little interest to them. They tended to look a bit like track pants, though.


We still don’t like the shorts here, but it’s true: this look really does size up well. We like it more in the larger size, in fact.


We thought the skirt and the blouse looked really chic, but we felt like that jacket could have been a little more structured and fitted.


Knockout dress, no doubt about. And it would look great on a variety of shapes.


Very simple, but classically chic looks. The fit on both is superb. They’re also both flattering as hell.

Result: Lane Bryant bought the collection and will be featuring it in select stores and online soon. We’ll try and get you more details about that when they become available. Joe did it again and Qristyl got to re-learn the fact that she is talented and there’s a customer out there waiting for her if she could just get her shit together. We’re telling you, it left us all warm and fuzzy. We’re so proud when our PR peeps do well.




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