All On The Line S2E5: Cesar Galindo

Posted on December 27, 2011

Meet Cesar Galindo. Oh wait, you probably already have. Cesar, as many a T Lo minion might remember was in last season of Bravo’s tepid Project Runway ripoff, The Fashion Show. We liked Cesar’s work. He was a bit of a diva as we recall and we were disappointed he didn’t make it to the finals, but we thought he had the stuff.

Reality TV worlds collide even further when it’s revealed that one of his design assistants is Dominique, who was also on last season of The Fashion Show. In fact, she made it to the finals and we thought she should have won it.

Cesar’s business/life partner died of cancer and, well, that was the hook for the episode. This is how reality TV works. We pre-cringed, but really, the show did an admirable job

So Doctor Zee got out his prescription pad: More color! And also, make a dress for a mysterious friend.

But really, it was all about the color.

Joe’s mysterious friend who might wear Cesar’s dress?

Keith from!

Okay, no. Veronica Webb.

The dress is really cute. The gloves are hideous, but easily ignored. The color’s exactly on trend and really makes this into a head-turner of a look. We love the architectural detail on the skirt, but we thought it was just a skosh too large. Toned down in size just a bit and we would consider this a perfect dress.

After that little triumph, Team Cesar had to sit through the focus group…

… and it was pretty brutal. In fact, for the first time, we thought the ladies involved were being a little harsh about it. Not that we disagreed with the gist of it; Cesar’s clothes really were dark and overwrought. But man, were the claws out. Cesar didn’t react well to it but that’s how we remember him from The Fashion Show. He didn’t like hearing anyone else’s opinions there, either.

Joe gets him a buyer’s meeting with Cusp, the younger, hipper side of Neiman Marcus. Because this is reality television, Cesar is stubborn and difficult and refuses most of Joe’s advice, which means people are jumping into cabs to bring back blue dresses with minutes to spare. But when he did listen to Joe, it served him well, as the colors and the more youthful of the designs were the best parts of the collection.

They’re both very pretty and very sophisticated dresses. We think the one on the left makes her look a little broad up top and we wonder how it’ll look on a non-model. Love the skirt on the dress on the right.

Joe was right, of course. The blue dress blew the buyer away and it was by far the best piece in the collection. We liked the grey dress as well and felt that the buyer’s criticisms seemed a bit arbitrary.

The beige dress has a great shape, but the tangerine dress has the color. The buyer was exactly right when she said a combination of both dresses would sell.

We were really puzzled by the complaints about this dress. In fact, we both voiced the idea that they were just looking for something to criticize because they didn’t want to be too effusive in their praise. It’s not the best dress in the collection, but the color’s great and the back is sexy as hell.

Anyway, you don’t haul out the dead family members on reality TV if you’re not planning on a happy ending and Cesar got his. Cusp bought the collection and everyone was blown away by it, as well they should have been. Cesar may have been a bit stubborn, but it was nice to see Joe work with someone who really knows what he’s doing, even if he’s just a little lost at the moment. The collection was gorgeous and once again Doctor Joe saved the day.

Bitter Kittens might want to make sure to tune in for this Friday’s episode and that’s all we’ll say about that.

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