American Country Awards 2011

Posted on December 06, 2011

Hit it, Cowgirls!


Carrie Underwood in Maria Lucia Hohan

Apparently, she felt the need to make sure all eyes were on her ankles that night. We think those shoes are interesting but this was not the outfit that called for their deployment. She’s colorless from the tip of her head down to her shins. The dress looks like something you’d use to skewer an hors d’oeuvre. The silhouette looks awful on her. And why does she always have this need to make sure her lips are exactly the same color as her face? We’re all for clean makeup or a nude lip, but her version of it looks freakish sometimes.


Danelle Leverett



Jordin Sparks in Kevan Hall

“Tonight, I feel COLORLESS!”


Kimberly Perry

Not exactly an edgy dress, but it has some interest to it and she looks good in it. But polished hair was called for here because she looks like a pile of ruffles and curls.


Kristin Chenoweth in Honor

She has always bemoaned the lack of choices she has for red carpet wear because she’s pretty much child-sized, but then we see someone like Chloe Moretz, who couldn’t possibly be any taller than her, and she always manages to find some great things to wear. Granted, Chloe’s very young and can get away with some crazy stuff that probably doesn’t interest Kristen. Anyway, our long-winded point is, while we sympathize with her problems in finding clothes to fit her, this is not an acceptable alternative. The color’s fine, if a little eye-searing, but the shape of it is ugly and unflattering.

Lauren Alaina

Hmmm. The shape of this dress suits her very well, but we don’t like the color and the criss-cross detailing is too thick. The shoes are cute, though.


Shawna Thompson

That skirt could give you seizures if you stare at it too long. You might think that’s a criticism, but it’s not. We think it’s a black princess dress that manages to be head-turning, which is no small feat. A little color on the face would have been nice.


Susie Brown

Oh, good. She ditched the goofy “Country Bettie Page” retro looks for the night. We kinda dig the juxtaposition of the super-modern dress with the super-retro hair and makeup. Would that she had picked better shoes than that.

[Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

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