WOA: Good Times

Posted on November 10, 2011

So Simon wakes up our little group of ragtag sensitive souls with an entirely too exuberant “WAKEY WAKEY!” at 5 am.We love that man, but even he would be assaulted for doing that to us. This is why we’re not ever trying out for a reality competition.

Also because bitchy bloggers will then make mean screencaps of us. We know the score, bitches.
Anyway, it’s off to the New York Times, for a pretty decently conceived challenge: pick a headline, devise a piece inspired by it. Simple, direct challenges like this are always welcome over confusing last-second twists. Do you hear that, producers of some Project Runway other reality show we won’t name at this Project Runway time Project Runway?

They’re also really good at getting very smart and experienced judges who are, if not connected to the challenge, usually uniquely qualified to speak on it. He was excellent and gave challenging critiques without being a dick about it.

So congratulations to Young. Personally, we didn’t get it. Or to put it more accurately, we felt like we got it, but we didn’t think it was as strong a piece as the judges claimed. Visually quite powerful, but we don’t think his message was any clearer than The Sucklord’s who got raked over the coals and almost sent home for not really having much of a message either. We like Young’s work, but we’re starting to think of him as the judges’ pet this season. We think he’s getting just a little over-praised.

We never would have guessed while he was talking about this that Dusty would have wound up in the Top 3. We even railed against it a bit when it was announced. But once the judges started talking about and the camera lingered on it a while, it really grew on us. It’s perhaps a bit on the literal side and the silhouettes could have been a bit more interesting in shape, but there’s a quiet power to the piece.

We also didn’t think Lola would make it into the Top 3 because she’s as big a bullshitter as The Sucklord and has the same tendency to be rather light on concept.  But we have to admit, the girl really pulled something together. The newspaper-wrapped tools seemed kind of pointless, but her illustration style was engaging and drew you in.

And now for the bad art:

The entire time she was talking about her piece, we kept thinking, “Looks interesting, but we don’t get it.” That was before we knew she was going to flip the paper over and put it on the floor, basically. After that, we were completely lost. We agreed with China that the piece on the upper right was far more interesting and had far more energy to it.



We have to admit, we’re getting really tired of his schtick. Not just the art schtick, but the camera schtick; the obvious attempt to craft his own story each week in order to get camera time. Everything, from the “I’m just going to sit here and read the paper while everyone else runs around” to the “I’m freaking out because these judges, man!” got on our nerves this week. Not that they didn’t get on our nerves in previous weeks, but whatever novelty The Sucklord had as a reality show contestant is getting stale awfully quick.

We haven’t even talked about this piece. That’s because there’s really nothing to say. If he couldn’t figure out what the piece was trying to say, we sure as hell won’t make the attempt.



And it’s goodbye to Bayete, who had a very rocky road on the show, veering wildly from bottom to top and then bottom again with each challenge. It seems to us he was so focused on his anti-religious feelings that he wasn’t paying much attention to making the piece work both technically and aesthetically. It was kind of hilarious that the piece seemed more interesting to the judges when they thought all the technical mistakes were deliberate choices. Had this piece been technically perfect and completed in exactly the manner he envisioned it, he probably would have still been on the bottom, though. There just wasn’t much of an idea behind it.


You guys, we totally forgot to do the middle pieces from last week’s episode, we know. We’d like to say it’s the show’s fault for boring us, but that’s not true. We’re bad bloggers. We promise we’ll get to all the middle pieces from this week’s episode.


[Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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