Versace for H&M Red Carpet

Posted on November 09, 2011

Darlings, a metric shit-ton of celebrities were dropped like bombs on the H&M Versace launch in New York City. Like the good sports and natural spokesmodels they are, most of them showed up obediently in Versace; some of them wearing the very H&M pieces we featured here and here. Remember, Versace-philes on a budget, the collection drops on November 19th. Make sure you have your overnight sidewalk-sleeping gear all picked out for the campout to come. Lorenzo is prepared to spend the night on the sidewalk outside H&M. Tom is prepared to bring him hot cocoa every 4 hours or so but will choose to remain indoors most of that night.

Anyway…judging! Let’s get to it, bitches!


Alan Cumming

Bless this man.


Blake Lively

Girl, we’re pretty sure that’s not your dress. At the very least, it’s not your size.


Byrdie Bell

The flowy, hippy chick thing seems out of place here, doesn’t it?


Chace Crawford

He looks surprisingly good.


Chloe Moretz

She looks adorable. Every 14-year-old girl should wear the wrong eyeshadow at least once, don’t you find?


Debbie Harry

Fierce as shit.


Emma Roberts

Needs more Blossom. Perhaps a hat or a big flower pinned somewhere.


Jennifer Hudson

Cute, but the high waist isn’t really her friend.


Jessica Alba

Pretty fabulous.


Kaylee Defer

Dollar store Valentine’s candy.



You just can’t dress this girl up, can you?


Linda Evangelista

And you just can’t keep this girl down. BRINGING IT no matter where she goes. We love you, Miss Evangelista!


Nicki Minaj

Girl, you crazy.


Selma Blair

So not your dress, honey.



Uma Thurman

We don’t know what she’s been drinking lately, but it’s causing her to bring it to the red carpet fairly consistently.


Zachary Quinto

We want to support a fellow sister post-coming out, but girl, your jacket is way too short.



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