Twilight: Breaking Dawn Premiere Ladies

Posted on November 15, 2011

Now do you see why we were so pissy when we were writing the Pattinson/Stewart post? It’s because we knew that every young and/or upcoming star in Hollywood showed up for the premiere of this facacta movie and we knew we wouldn’t be able to resist forming opinions on most of them. So many opinions, in fact, that we had to break it down to two posts. Expect a bunch of teenage boys in the second version. We’re just warning you now.

Okay, hit it, ladies. Let’s DO this.

Ali Faulkner

Cute. The high collar’s a bit too Victorian for us, but it’s not a bad look.


Casey LaBow

We’ll give the gal a lot of credit for wearing something with so much … interest to it.  Unfortunately, it’s more than a bit too much interest for one poor dress to have to bear.


Cassie Scerbo

Ooooooh, girl. THAT IS NOT YOUR DRESS.


Christa Allen

Kinda cute, kinda interesting dress. Unfortunately, those focus-pulling shoes were a bad pairing.


Christian Serrano

Nothing earthshattering here, but it’s a fantastic color on her.


Dania Ramirez

YES! Take me out tonight, Mimi! It’s not exactly a demure, tasteful look, but it’s got loads of attitude, you’ve got to admit.


Fivel Stewart

It’s pretty, but she looks overdressed. Still, she’s not the only one to wear a gown.

Jacqueline Emerson

Too simple. Some color in the shoes or the straps would have gone a long way. Her hair’s a bit underdone as well.


Jadin Gould

We were about to rush out to IMDB or Wikipedia to find out her age, but then we realized there’s no point. She’s clearly older than eight, and that’s at the high age range that can get away with this as an outfit.


Kelsey Chow

The dress is a bit too tiny, but that’s a really pretty fabric.


Madeline Carroll

Interesting dress, but she’s so covered up and bulky-looking on top. And her hair looks weird.


Mia Maestro

Just okay. That skirt could have used an inch or two; not out of a sense of propriety or prudery, but because we think the proportions would be more flattering.

The shoes are dull.


Myanna Buring

It looks like one of those plastic/vinyl “lace” tablecloths you can get at a bargain discount store.


Nikki Reed

A little too drag queeny. Ru would look fantastic in it.


Olivia Holt

You’re young, honey. You can have the torso-length fringe if you want. For now. A couple more years and then we start getting judgmental. That’s the deal. Cute color on you!


Peyton List

We simply do not understand what we’re looking at here.


Phoebe Tonkin

The leather jacket over the bandage dress is a bit of a cliche, but the girl’s pulling it off. Don’t really agree with the shoe choice, though.


Rachel Bell

Forget the dress. Girl, THAT IS NOT YOUR HAIRSTYLE. Fire whomever is responsible immediately.


Tinsel Korey

Also a bit on the drag queen side of things.


Valorie Curry

Very cute and sophisticated. Great colors on her.


Boys? Go warm up in the bullpen. You’re next. Ladies? Hit the spa. And think about what we said here, okay?



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