Twilight: Breaking Dawn Premiere Guys

Posted on November 15, 2011

Step up, boys.


Taylor Lautner

The boy just doesn’t get it wrong. Whoever styles him better be getting a hefty check for it.


Amadou Ly

The pants could use some hemming and we think somewhere in the suit/shirt/tie combination, there should be a bit more contrast.


Boo Boo Stewart

It’s got this almost goofy old west quality to it, but we like it.


Jackson Rathbone

Oh, son. GOOD FOR YOU.

But you still look ridiculous.


Jared Kusnitz

Really cute look. We covet those shoes deeply.



Kellan Lutz

Boy, this is not your suit.

He needs way more contrast here in order to not look like a brick in a suit. He needs to stop with the vest and start wearing light shirts with dark suits and a bright or vividly colored tie. The jacket needs to be fitted and the pants need to be hemmed like his grandmother’s life depends on it. There. You have your orders, Mr. Lutz.


Matt Dallas

First off, the scuffed shoe trend has reached its apotheosis. We’re done here.

Secondly, those shoes are the only concession to anything approaching trendiness or current style. He looks like a bank manager.


Matt Lanter

This all looks a bit too zhuzhed to us and it’s on the absolute low end of what we would consider dressed up enough for this event – it’s a pretty big movie, even we have to admit – but we think the looks kind of cute.


Michael Welch



Noel Fisher

Way too Russian mob for him. He shouldn’t do the dark shirt thing. And the tailoring on this thing – or lack of it, to be more precise – is off the charts.


Peter Facinelli

We’re all for a guy trying out the stereotypically “suave” looks, so we don’t mind the whole scarf and open shirt thing if you’re the kind of guy who can pull it off, but the scarf definitely needed to be a color other than blue and the suit needs some serious tailoring.


And now, the assholes who couldn’t be bothered to make the effort and thus our wish for them is to never, ever get to have sex with any of the hot people who showed up looking like they tried.


Trevor Donovan

Admittedly, he looks adorable here, but only in that “flirting with the cute guy in the laundromat” kind of way, which is pretty damning, wouldn’t you say?


David Henrie

We also think this outfit has some snap to it, but we don’t care who you are, you should be sent home if you show up at an event where some women are wearing gowns and you’re wearing a t-shirt. We volunteer to be fashion bouncers at these events.


Garrett Backstrom



Justin Chon





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