The Boys at “Immortals” Premiere

Posted on November 08, 2011

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the red carpet for the premiere of Immortals was dripping with homoeroticism.


Henry Cavill in Tom Ford

This man is exquisite. We’re loving the disco-fabulousness here, with the Superman hair, the big shirt collar and lapels, and the thick tie. He looks like a “Brut by Faberge” ad circa 1978. That’s an enormous compliment, just so you know. Amirite, middle-aged queens who stared at “Brut by Faberge”ads when they were little boys and weren’t quite sure why?

Kellan Lutz

Looks like a total lunkhead in comparison. That’s probably not fair, but we’ve said before that the bigger you get from working out, the more of an issue finding well-fitted clothes will become. And when you approach bodybuilder proportions, you can pretty much forget about looking like anything but an ape when you wear a suit. Not that we think Kellan looks like an ape here. He’s not that big. But he has gotten big enough that garments that should be fitted look blocky on him. He’s got the perfect “t-shirt and jeans” body, but even a well-tailored suit like this one looks shapeless on him.


Joseph Morgan

Don’t you feel sorry for those poor struggling actors in those goofy costumes?

Anyway, he’s got just the right looks to pull of a tie-less three-piece look, but those pants look ready to fall right off him and his collar… oh, son. Your collar. Why.


Luke Evans in Burberry

The very picture of suave. A bit on the “British banker” side of things, which could have been mitigated with some color in the tie, but we can’t deny he looks chic and put the hell together here.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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