Pairs Division: Timberlake and Seyfried

Posted on November 04, 2011

Jesus, kids. Your movie just opened. It’s a bit early in the poledancing process for the two of you to look so pissed off and tired of the whole thing.

Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried attend “In Time”photocall in Berlin. Amanda Seyfried wears a Lyn Devon dress with Yves Saint Laurent shoes. Justin Timberlake wears his own line Williams Rast.

Lyn Devon Spring 2012 Collection

SHE: Has been making one thing very clear with her style choices lately: she is very, very short. Or at least, the things she’s been choosing to wear lately make her look very, very short. Her hair looks great and her makeup is cute, but the shape of the dress, as well as the cutouts, are serving to stumpify her just a bit. It’s kind of a cute dress (although we loathe cutouts normally) but we don’t think the dress is for her. There is also the fact that she’s wearing nude platform pumps. Starlets, we thought we talked about this. Score: 6/10. She looks pretty from the neck up, but we’re really not liking anything from the neck down on her.

HE: Thinks it’s the 1930s and he’s an itinerant farm worker in the Dustbowl. At least, that’s what he looks like from the waist down. From the waist up, pure Suburban Dad on the weekend. We realize photocalls are dirty little affairs, where carny-like photographers manhandle our poor stars and subject them to their photographer stench, but a little more effort would have been nice here. He looks like he’s in the lobby of a hotel, scarfing down the continental breakfast in whatever he could grab from his hotel room floor 5 minutes ago, 30 seconds after he woke up. Score: 5/10.

Combined Score: 5.5/10. Wow. These two just don’t give a shit, do they?


[Photo Credit: Away!/PR Photos,]

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