Pairs Division: Redmayne and Watson

Posted on November 21, 2011

Darlings, after so much time spent pointing and laughing at the denizens of the American Music Awards red carpet, let’s stretch the bitchery muscles and check in on some tasteful Brits to see if we can find something wrong with what they’re doing. We are citizens of the world’s red carpet here at T Lo International Style Relations Consulting, darlings. And it takes a village to tell a starlet she looks like a stripper.


Eddie Redmayne and Emma Watson at "My Week With Marilyn" PremiereEddie Redmayne and Emma Watson attend the UK premiere of “My Week with Marilyn” at The Cineworld Haymarket. Emma Watson wears a Jason Wu dress.

Eddie Redmayne and Emma Watson at "My Week With Marilyn" Premiere

Eddie Redmayne and Emma Watson at "My Week With Marilyn" PremiereJason Wu Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Lindsey Wixson

Eddie Redmayne and Emma Watson at "My Week With Marilyn" Premiere

Eddie Redmayne and Emma Watson at "My Week With Marilyn" Premiere

HE: Has made us consider something that never occurred to us before. Looking at his ridiculous shoes and ready to type that we are more than over the scuffed-shoe trend on the RC, we realized that in some ways, the guys on the red carpet are more trend-prone than the ladies are. After all, you didn’t see EVERY lady wearing beige pumps over the summer, even if it seems like you did. On the other hand, we’re pretty sure every male star under 50 got handed a pair of scuffed-up dress shoes by a stylist in the past 3 months and they all eagerly snatched them up. There’s so little in the way of options for men on the RC and there’s relatively fewer places they can go for guidance (compared to the ladies) that we suspect any time a trend pops up, every halfway stylish guy or wannabe winds up giving it a go. Anyway, this is a long way of saying we hate the shoes. We also hate the suit, tie and shirt. Is that suit … denim? Whatever it is, it fits him badly and the blue shirt and grey tie is taking him into algebra teacher territory. Also, we can’t get a clear view of that belt, but what little we can see is telling us terrible things about it.  He’s a good-looking young actor getting international attention right now but he’s shooting himself in the foot when he makes bad style choices like, well, everything we’re seeing here. Imagine him in a gorgeously fitted Tom Ford or Armani suit. This is almost a crime. Score: 3/10.

SHE: Is her typical adorably chic self. We get cranky sometimes and express a desire to see her shake things up a bit but we can’t deny this look suits her very well and she knows exactly how to pull it off, right down to the smallest details, like that gorgeous clutch. We’re having a hard time with ankle-strap peep-toes for a myriad of reasons but even then, we can admit they work with the outfit. We’re not saying this is her best look. If anything, it feels a little rote and fallen-back-upon, but it’s fully her look and she’ll never really look bad in it. We can’t guarantee we won’t someday once again take her to task for being in a style rut, but for now, we’re feeling kind. And like we said, she can’t really look bad in a getup like this. Score: 8/10.

Combined Score: 5.5/10. Emma, that clutch looks like it’s got some serious hardware on it. You could do some real damage if you decided to beat him with it. Just sayin’.

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