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Posted on November 14, 2011

Still got some middle-of-the-road looks to run down, dolls. Let’s get to it.



This is horrible. It seems some of the designers were way too caught up in the idea of using accessories to prevent camel toe. The only think that can prevent camel toe is good taste and good tailoring. Accessories have an entirely separate job. These pieces are technically pretty well done, but on a taste level, they fail utterly.



Anyone who makes a garment on this show should be immediately sent home. This doesn’t speak well for the show that they’re this fuzzy on the rules and concept this early on. The belt’s okay. The jewelry’s kind of ugly. But none of that matters. He made a garment in an accessories design competition and should have been eliminated for it.



We don’t care if he won a challenge, James has terrible taste. And what is all this shittery anyway? Those shoes are ugly as sin and the rest of the accessories look like tribbles.



Credit to her for trying to do something interesting with that belt. It almost worked. Even more credit to her for realizing it didn’t entirely work. The jewelry’s pretty great, though. Designers are always trying to find new things to do with zippers and she actually managed it.


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