MF: Let Them Eat Cake

Posted on November 16, 2011

Bravo always does a better job of summing up each week’s simple storyline than we could:

“Chris March turns back the clock to create a one-of-a-kind Marie Antoinette dress for Tracy Stern, owner of the ultra-chic Salon Tea, for her Victorian-themed fundraiser at the National Arts Club. Famous for her “Chari-tea” parties, Tracy has come to Chris and his team to create a look that will both impress the court and dazzle the press. With his over-the-top vision, will everyone think she is more Mad Hatter than modern Victorian-chic?”


We wish the show would stop trying to graft conflict onto it when no one involved on camera seems interested in providing it? It’s our one and only complaint about the show.


Of course she was going to love it. She went to Chris March and asked for a Marie Antoinette costume. What else could she have expected? All these long pauses and sideways glances that are so obviously being squeezed out of the footage in order to craft some form of tension – it’s just not needed.

He has a colorful, creative group of people working with him and they get to go interesting places and make interesting things. This isn’t the Real Housewives. It isn’t even Project Runway.

To us, the most interesting parts of the show each week are how they’re going to accomplish certain tasks and whether they’re going to get them done on time.

It never once occurs to us that any of the clients would seriously raise a stink about the final product. We can see if they might not love every aspect of it, but the show would have you believe they’re going to flip out at any second; a tone that made even less sense than normal given the client’s mild personality and specific requests.

So, yes. Of course she loved it.


We weren’t entirely sold on the teacup until they put dangled the teabag label off it. That made it.

We thought the idea of using bedding to get just the right kind of fabric was inspired, but we have to say, it didn’t look like expensive fabric. That’s really our only criticism of the garment. It’s brilliantly and beautifully done – and Izzy finally got someone to wear her wig! Of course, how could she not wear a wig?


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