Latin Grammys 2011 Red Carpet

Posted on November 11, 2011

Kittens, it was the Latin Grammys! And you know what?


Alejandra Guzman

They do things a little differently.

Expect cutouts, lace, glitter and ruffles going forward, darlings. Strap yourselves in!

Adrienne Bailon

You’ll never get us to love side cutouts, and we don’t really like the shape here, but the houndstooth goes a long way in toning it down.



It’s like a couple peacocks got into a fight in some hotel room curtains.


Chiquinquira Delgado

Wilma Flintstone on Oscar night.

Actually, we think this dress is kinda fab.


Gloria Ordaz

The slit’s too hight and we don’t like the shoes, but we’re loving the ’40s-inspired top half.


Natalia Jimenez

If this had stayed a little more fitted all the way down to her hips and then flared out, we might have loved it for being crisp, colorful and retro, but as it is, it’s really obliterating her shape.


Paulina Rubio

Enh. It’s fine. Nothing exciting. Way too long.


Danella Urbay

We’d have to see her without her arm bent, but we like how it manages to show off shoulder while still giving puffy sleeve. We’re not sure, but we think we kind of love this dress.


Argelia Atilano

No. That’s just weird.

Paula Zuleta

It is impossible to look at this and not see the Target logo.


Julie Ferretti

HOLY SHIT. Now THAT’S some Latin Grammys realness being served, bitches.


Angelique Boyer

Hate the color in the skirt, hate the bolted-on boobs look of the top.


Demo Lovato in Roland Mouret

A really pretty color, but not such a great shape.

Can we just say we are loving these women for actually giving us something to talk about? We’re not looking at the most fashion-forward (or even tasteful) gowns in the world, but there’s not this neutral-toned sense of safeness you get from the American and European starlets at other awards shows. These ladies are dressing UP, no mistake about it.


Arlene Tur

We can’t. We don’t really like lingerie looks and we don’t think orange and black looks like anything but Halloween.

Wilmer Valderrama

We can sort of get behind the whole flared-leg Tony Orlando thing he’s got going on here. If ever there was a time to wear a bell-bottomed, wide-lapeled tuxedo with a disco shirt and no tie, then the Latin Grammys would be it.


Sofia Vergara in Reem Acra

BROUGHT IT. Ironically, she’s cleaner and simpler here than she is for her other awards show appearances, which are all red and ruffles and boobs; more stereotypically “latin.”

Lili Gil

It’s pretty basic, but we like the lattice effect on the sleeves.


Lourdes Estefan

Girl, your ruffle is just too much.


Massiel Taveras



Paula Fernandes

YES! The sheer lace side panel is in the house, bitches! The gauntlet has been thrown! Will any lady step up to the challenge?


Blanca Soto

Blanca says, “Bring it, bitch.”

That’s pretty much the only way to stand when you wear a dress like this. Your back’s gonna kill you, but at least every man will be picturing you naked, and isn’t that the goal, darling?


Zoe Saldana in Elie Saab

Stunning color.


Satcha Pretto

Basic, but very pretty.


Silvia Navarro

Great color, but terrible shape.



Oh ,come on. Put a little damn effort in.


Shakira in Ferne One

Great dress, but it matches her hair (which is kind of a mess) too closely.


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