Jennifer Hudson Learns an Important Lesson

Posted on November 18, 2011

Hey, girl.


Jennifer Hudson attends the Fourth annual Martha Stewart Center for Living in New York City.

We’re happy to see you too, sweetie. Listen, we were all set to give you a “WERQ!” and enter into a long discussion about how your shiny little bib-like peplum is both interesting and flattering at the same time. We were even going to mention how odd it is that you and several other ladies recently have managed to get us to soften our stance on ankle strap shoes and then note that these instances all coincided with the deployment of very thin ankle straps, which, we would hypothesize, is probably the reason for our positive response to said shoes. We would also at some point mention that your diamond bracelet is very pretty. And all of those things are true whether we see fit to mention them or not. But they’d take our bitchy gay card away from us if we shouted “WERQ it, girl!” to a gal who’s in some serious need of dress shields. Sorry, girl. You’re still fierce, though.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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