In or Out: Zoe Kravitz in Chanel

Posted on November 30, 2011


Zoe darling, we can’t thank you enough for agreeing to serve as visual aid for our lecture entitled “How to Fuck up a Chanel Dress.”


Zoe Kravitz in ChanelZoe Kravitz attends 2011 UNICEF Snowflake Ball in New York City in a Chanel dress.

Zoe Kravitz in Chanel

Zoe Kravitz in ChanelChanel Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Ginta Lapina (WOMEN)

Zoe Kravitz in Chanel

First, there’s that weird shit at the sleeves, which looks like they each have a mustache. We thought it was something added to her version but sharp-eyed kittens pointed out that you can see it on the runway version, but it’s far more played down. It looks like Zoe flipped up the sleeves, which manages to camouflage their shape, one of the more central aspects of the dress design. They stand out on the model and disappear on Zoe. Second, a dress like this is not exactly statement-making on its own. It’s a white top and a black bottom. What makes a dress like this is how it’s styled. The runway version has interesting gloves and boots and a really pretty sash or belt. We’d go so far as to say the latter makes the look. She didn’t have to style this exactly like that; in fact, the gloves and boots would have probably been a disaster off the runway. But this is definitely a dress that needs something and a good amount of it. Minimalism is not on the menu.

In other news, we can’t even with that hair and while we think the makeup’s pretty for the most part, it’s not the right makeup for this look. Basically, she put a dress on and little else consideration was made toward finishing the look. It’s not our favorite dress in the world but sweetie, it’s Chanel. Do we have to explain what that means?


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IN! Girl is ROCKING that Chanel, bitches!

OUT! She looks like she’s wearing a knockoff of the runway version!

In other news of ins or outs, Charlize Theron’s mid-makeup routine getup got a defiant IN from y’all and Tilda Swinton’s “Hillary Clinton on the Starship Enterprise” costume was voted OUT, to the consternation of all.


[Photo Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for UNICEF,]

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