In or Out: Sienna Miller in Emilio Pucci

Posted on November 28, 2011

We will never understand the heavily flogged idea that this woman is a fashionista.

Sienna Miller in Emilio PucciSienna Miller attends the Lancel celebration of ‘135 Years Of French Legerete’ Hosted By Sienna Miller in Paris.

Sienna Miller in Emilio Pucci

Sienna Miller in Emilio Pucci

Sienna Miller in Emilio Pucci

Jesus, Mary, and Oprah.

It’s like she needed to escape from The Russian Tea Room with only seconds to spare before it blows sky high except she was naked, so, while dashing out in slow motion, she grabbed curtains and tablecloths and whatever else she could find and secured them around her as she leapt out a window with a blossoming fireball just inches behind her.

You know it’s the only explanation that makes sense. Otherwise, we have to go with the idea that she – knowing she would be the host of this event and thus, seen by everyone in the room and highly photographed – chose to wear these fortune teller’s widow’s weeds. And we think we can all agree that that’s just crazy. Best to go with the “escaped an explosion with seconds to spare” theory.

It would also explain the hair.


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IN! She’s a fashion ICON, T LO! Anna Wintour told me!
OUT! I see someone got into her dress up box.

Bryce Dallas Howard is extremely pregnant and thus voted automatically IN by the Bitter Kittens, who support any woman who bothers with a dress and makeup when she hasn’t seen her feet in weeks. Besides, the dress was pretty cute.

[Photo Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

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