In or Out: Laura Dern

Posted on November 07, 2011

We’ll be honest up front: the only reason we’re featuring this look is because we’re loving Laura Dern’s new HBO series, Enlightened, and we just wanted an excuse to tell you that.

Laura Dern attends The Hollywood Reporter’s Annual Next Generation Reception in Los Angeles, California.

To be fair, we did think this was an eye-catching look on its own. But first, Enlightened.

She gives a hilariously hearbreaking performance that reminds us quite a bit of Lisa Kudrow’s Valerie Cherish in The Comeback; someone who wants something so badly but who’s clearly destined to not get it. Making this turn all the more heartbreaking is that Dern’s Amy Jellicoe wants something far more high-minded than a better career, she wants a better world. It’s a comedic performance and you will laugh, but you never lose sight of the fact that Amy is hanging on by a thread in a world that seems determined to beat her up.

Anyway, her look. We really like the dress and the little jacket, but we’re not sold on the idea of pairing them, especially on Laura, who has a long torso. Add the visually heavy black tights and heavy black shoes and she’s one stretched-out drink of water. It’s a striking look, but we’re not sure everything here works as well as it should with everything else. Great individual pieces, but not great paired together. Kittens make the call:


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IN! Striking and sassy!

OUT! Librarian’s night out!


Voting on Felicity Jones’ “Peggy Olson, Dominatrix” getup is still wide open, dolls.

[Photo Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

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