In or Out: Jessica Szohr in Marchesa

Posted on November 23, 2011

Darlings, what’s a gal to wear when she spends all day as a ren faire wench and just wants to hit the clubs without having to go home and change? A wench cocktail dress, of course.


Jessica Szohr in MarchesaJessica Szohr attends the 39th International Emmy Awards at the Mercury Ballroom in New York City in a Marchesa dress.

Jessica Szohr in Marchesa

Jessica Szohr in Marchesa

Jessica Szohr in Marchesa

We seem to always be railing against the excesses of your average Marchesa dress. Even when we find one that we like, there’s usually an argument about whether it’s too twee or too princess-y (Tom always comes down on the side of yes, it is). It’s kind of refreshing to stumble across a Marchesa dress and not have either of these criticisms pop into our head. Princess-y? Not with that shape. Twee? Not with those sleeves. In fact, we think we kind of like this dress. Let’s break it down:

The bodice is quite striking and pretty; a beautiful shade of blue.

The sleeves are ridiculous. We like the idea of a big puffy sleeve here, but the volume is too much. Two-thirds as large as they currently are would have been just about the right proportions.

And that’s it. There’s not much breaking down to do, it seems. We think the shoes are a tragic mistake and we wish her hair had a little more zhuzh to it, but overall, it’s a head-turning, get-your-picture-taken kind of dress.

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IN! She’s a lusty wench who wants to show off her gams!
OUT! She could shoplift a couple hams in those sleeves!

Jessica Alba’s Betty Draper-esque Caroline Herrera bored the bitter kittens and they voted it OUT.

[Photo Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images]

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