In or Out: Daniel Craig

Posted on November 04, 2011

It happens to us all eventually. Even James Bond.

Daniel Craig attends photocall for 23rd Bond Film “Skyfall” in London.

Eventually, that moment comes where one has to say the dreaded words, “I think I have to go up a size.” Daniel, bless, hasn’t uttered those words yet. That’s the problem when you like the tight and tailored cuts; you can’t gain so much as an ounce.

Although we’re being unfair here. There’s certainly no evidence that Daniel is anything but his normal trim and compact self. Maybe he didn’t gain weight. Maybe the reason he looks stuffed into this suit and the jacket’s pulling across the button is because some stylist’s assistant got his size wrong. Or maybe he got caught in the rain and the suit shrunk. Or maybe, because he’s such a tight little compact guy with single-digit body fat, he got weak that morning and ate a pretzel or something, causing his tightly tailored suit to risk explosion at the sudden doubling of his weight.

Or maybe he just needs to go up a size.


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IN! He can go up MY size, that’s for sure! Or something!

OUT! Boy’s Department.

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