In or Out: Amanda Seyfried in Michael Angel

Posted on November 04, 2011

We feel a little bad for Amanda because we’ve been forced to rag on her past couple of style choices and we know how devastating it must be for her to hear us say unkind things. We’re gonna do her a solid and feature her in something we like, but we’re not sure if we like-like.

Amanda Seyfried in Michael AngelAmanda Seyfried attends “In Time” Photocall in Madrid in a Michael Angel dress.

Michael Angel Spring 2011 CollectionMichael Angel Spring 2011 Collection/Model: Emilia

Amanda Seyfried in Michael Angel

Amanda Seyfried in Michael Angel

Amanda Seyfried in Michael Angel

It’s interesting, right? We’ll give it that. We’ve been shrieking for years about more prints on the red carpet and there’s definitely a trend towards wearing them. The Hollywood crowd is notoriously nervous about style, so expect the print–on-the-red-carpet trend to be short-lived. So it makes us want to praise every instance of a starlet wearing a print in front of photographers. Are we responding just a bit too positively because we want to or because we really, truly, sincerely love it? Examine that, minions.

We can admit, no matter what, that the shape of this dress is difficult to wear, with the high slit and asymmetrical hem. Once again, there’s a sense that she’s dressing wrong for her height and making herself look smaller and shorter than she is. We wonder if she has a new stylist who doesn’t quite understand the shape of her body yet.

Still, A+ for reaching for that wild print. It will be up to the Bitter Kittens, the Precious Unborn Fawns of our comments section, to decide if she is IN or OUT and ultimately if she LIVES OR DIES.

Okay, no on that last part. We just wanted to see if you were still reading.

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