Girl, That’s Not Your Dress: Kate Beckinsale in Tadashi Shoji

Posted on November 30, 2011

You guys, Kate Beckinsale is really tired. Tired of wearing clothes and tired of not being noticed.


Kate Beckinsale in Tadashi ShojiKate Beckinsale attends the 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards Nominations Press Conference in West Hollywood in a Tadashi Shoji dress paired with Brian Atwood pumps and a ring by Piaget.

Kate Beckinsale in Tadashi Shoji

Kate Beckinsale in Tadashi ShojiTadashi Shoji Spring 2012 Collection

Kate Beckinsale in Tadashi Shoji

It’s times like these when posting the runway version is a public service. Or at least, a favor to the designer.  Let this serve as another lesson in styling, kittens. Note how the sort of low-key chic dress of the runway was turned into lingerie by merely hiking the skirt up a good 8 inches, slapping on a pair of pumps, and zhuzhing out the hair.

It’s not just that it instantly changes the feel of the dress from romantic to sex-on-a-stick; that part doesn’t bother us so much (although we did instantly assume she was feeling the need to grab some attention, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing); what bothers us is that it pretty much ruins both the line and the intent of the dress. The proportions are all screwed up now. And the skirt doesn’t look shortened; it actually looks yanked up, which is never the way to do things, darlings. Smacks of desperation. This simply wasn’t meant to be worn the way it’s being worn. If she wanted to show off the legs, she should have picked a dress designed to do so.

This could be your dress, girl, but not in the way you’re wearing it.


[Photo Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images For Piaget, Andrew Evans/PR Photos,]

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