Daniel Radcliffe and the Suit of Bad Choices

Posted on November 07, 2011

Even though we assess their red carpet looks all the time around here, we rarely get the chance to really crack our knuckles and get down to informing male stars exactly what they’re doing wrong, from a conceptual standpoint. So thank you for this opportunity, Daniel Radcliffe.


Daniel Radcliffe attends the New York Musical Theatre Festival 8th Season Awards Gala.

We feel pretty strongly that Daniel, who is working his ass off to move away from the juvenile role that made him famous, would want to know that he looks like a prep school freshman in this getup. We’re fairly certain that’s not the direction he wants to go, sartorially speaking. Daniel, lose the striped ties, white shirts and blue suits for a while, mkay? You’re shooting for grownup roles now so it’s not a good idea to dress in something that takes ten years off your age. You would do well to go for the hipster look, not the prepster one. Also, the “game show host” hair is not your friend.

There. Now you know, Daniel Radcliffe.


[Photo Credit: Wireimage]

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