American Music Awards 2011: The Stage

Posted on November 21, 2011

The Oscars and Emmys don’t pull the nominees out of the audience and make them re-enact scenes from their nominated performances so red carpet posts tend to suffice for coverage. But with the AMAs, where half the audience gets their own number onstage, there are multiple opportunities for bitchery regarding stagewear.

Why, J Lo alone provided more than enough costuming entertainment for the evening. In fact, we really think she probably should have gotten an award for it. It’s all about giving with J Lo and she made sure to give the audience what it needed more than anything: her.


Jennifer Lopez in Giambattista Valli (first look)

First, she is your diva/goddess/cat person. Pure and chaste, suffering for her art and her fans by wearing so much extra fabric.

But she is mischievous and wily.



BAM! She is shimmering and shaking! Plus she’s got something dangling between her legs that is very distracting! And just when that seems like too much…

POW! BARELY DRESSED, BITCHES. And whatever that was between her legs has now been safely tucked away. Drag queens worldwide are weeping at her skills.

And then, finally, to bring her fans down gently…

Broken-down techno ballerina doll…

… slash cheerleader.


No one else could compare her to efforts.


Justin Bieber

It’s like looking at a negative of Michael Jackson circa 1983.


Mary J. Blige

Fierce as shit.


Nicki Minaj



Katy Perry in Johnny Wujek

We wanted to love this, but it was weirdly unflattering, which we suppose is a silly thing to say about a getup like this, but we still think the goal was to look pretty, if not conventionally so. She’s always had a healthy rack on her, but she’s amazingly busty and top heavy in this thing.


Kelly Clarkson

Get mad at us if you must, but we don’t think the mermaid silhouette flatters her at all.

Queen Latifah in Georges Chakra

There aren’t many full-length shots of her in this gown, but from what we could see, we thought she looked pretty sharp.


Christina Aguilera in Hervé Léger by Max Azria

Honestly? This isn’t the worst thing to wear. It’s a crime she didn’t wear it with a good enough shaper (and go up a size) and we’d never go so far as to say it’s the most flattering choice for her, but she can actually get away with a dress like this. We just don’t think it shows much style.


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