WOA: Middle of the Road Pop

Posted on October 31, 2011

All right, kittens. Let’s run down the remaining artists. You know, the ones the judges had nothing to say about.



Not seeing how this is Pop Art at all. If he wants to make points about race in  his art, we’re all for it, but so far, his points are obtuse and/or ground well covered. What was the point here?


Sarah K.

We didn’t love it, but at least it demonstrated an understanding, however slight, of what Pop Art is. This is bold and familiar at the same time.



Also a worthy attempt for at least shooting for Pop Art and mostly nailing it. The thing is, and we said this last week, this stuff’s going to get old with the judges if it hasn’t already. He’s probably the most Pop of the artists in the competition, and if he couldn’t impress them with this challenge, then it’s not likely he ever will, unless he pulls a real surprise out of his trick bag.



We don’t get it. Are the brown packages supposed to be “fads?” How are we supposed to know that without him standing there and telling us that?



That title is so hilariously “artsy” that we think she should have been sent home for even attempting it. Also, this looks like an 8th grader’s art project.


Sara J.

This is somewhere not quite in the neighborhood of Pop, but a couple miles over, getting directions at a gas station. It’s timely, it’s familiar, and it’s got that personal touch the judges were so keen on. But we don’t think it’s saying or showing anything of any real interest.



[Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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