WOA: A Veritable Mountain of Suck

Posted on October 24, 2011

Look, we stared at these pieces for a long time. We stroked our chins and furrowed our brows while we searched our inner thesaurus to come up with new and provocative ways of saying “This sucks.”

Because you know what? Most of this stuff sucks. If the judges couldn’t be bothered coming up with a critique, we’re certainly not going to waste our day trying to do it. Hit it, art whores:


Sara J.

Okay, so Sarah J. has, with the second consecutive such entry, established herself as the “Girls have a bagina” artist. Not that we have a problem with this piece. It’s probably among the better of the middle pieces.



And Kymia might just be the all-around “body part” artist. We didn’t mind this one, either. Although, like the previous entry, it seemed without message or intent except to produce something that moves.


Sarah K.

We thought this was one of two entries that really captured the concept originally dictated to them: motion. Not “migration,” or “movement,” but motion. The act of it and the idea of it. Your eye immediately grasps the motion here and fills in the direction and the speed of that motion spontaneously. It’s very simple but still highly interpretive.



This shit’s gonna get real old real quick.



SUPER-creepy. We give China credit for straddling that thing.



The other piece that did a superlative job of conveying both the act and the idea of motion. Also not the most original idea in the world, but hey, the guy who spun around in circles won the challenge.



You’re kidding, right?




It seems fairly cliched and shallow, but it certainly tells a story and represents motion by giving you the evidence of it, rather than trying to interpret it. It’s visually strong, but it feels like ground well trodden.


[Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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