WERQ: Lady Gaga in Naeem Khan

Posted on October 28, 2011

We’ve spent the day ranting at reality show judges and snapping at red carpet ladies for looking like nursing home carpets, so we feel a little guilty. We’re putting too much negative energy out into the universe and kittens, that’s no way to spend a Friday. It’s time to breathe out the bad and breathe in the good, don’t you agree?

As with so many other times when one’s very soul is in distress, it’s best to turn to Gaga for an answer. She’ll know what to do.

Lady Gaga in Naeem KhanLady Gaga at press conference in New Delhi, India in a Naeem Khan gown.

Lady Gaga in Naeem KhanNaeem Khan Fall 2011 Collection

Lady Gaga in Naeem Khan

Lady Gaga in Naeem Khan

Why yes, Steffi. Dressing up like the First Lady of Oz on a worldwide tour DOES seem like a good idea right now. We feel better already.

You WERQ that teacup, bitch!

[Photo Credit: Wenn, elle.com]

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