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Posted on October 25, 2011

You know what really struck us once we put all of Viktor’s competition entries together?



These looks are AMAZINGLY consistent in that they’re almost all impeccably made and stylish. In fact, it’s a wonder to us that so much of his work seems to have passed under the judges’ radar.  How could they not see that he’s the strongest of the designers? There is only one truly disastrous look and that’s the stiltwalker entry. And you know what we have to say in defense of that? STILTWALKER ENTRY. No one – especially the judges – should hold that one misstep against him. Everything else -with the exception of his pee pad dress, which wasn’t particularly modern (Also, in defense: PEE PAD DRESS) –  looks like it could walk as a collection right now. He showed a nice range of pieces; gowns, cocktail dresses, blouses and skirts, wide-legged and skinny pants, and some really memorable jackets. We think he has a fairly large trick bag and pulls things out of it as he sees fit. This week I’m going to do color blocking. This week, I’m going to work with sheers. This week, I’ll drape something. He has a consistent aesthetic of tailored, modern, urban looks for the career girl, which is a fairly laser-like focus for someone the judges claim is unfocused. He likes prints, but he doesn’t turn to color very often. Which is odd, because his “real woman” entry showed a fantastic sense of color. The waist is almost always cinched, so there’s not a lot of playing around with silhouette or shape. We think a decent amount of his clothes can size up, but we don’t think he designs with anything other than skinny career girls in the city on his mind. But there’s a rather large customer base for these clothes.  The weakest looks, unsurprisingly, are the ones where he was forced to do something he will never actually do: stiltwalker, pee pad, and rocker challenge – and it should be noted that the rocker challenge, while one of his weaker attempts, actually won the challenge. In other words, his weakest work was better than every other designer’s best work in that challenge. If his final collection shows the same level of thoughtfulness, tailoring, and style, we really don’t see how he can’t win this season, given who he’s up against. He’s been the consistently superior designer all season long. So much so, that we suspect his work was ignored so much just because it would have made for a boring story for the show to have him praised every week.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Collage:]

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