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Posted on October 18, 2011

We’re not quite sure what Clinique Counter was supposed to be inspired by. Cannons? Stained glass? It was all very vague.

And when you really can’t figure out your own inspirations, the subsequent work is going to be equally as vague and ill thought-out. As far as we can tell, he boiled everything down to “metal.” Say what you will about Laura’s and Kimberly’s collections; they at least looked like collections. This was just another example of Josh throwing everything at a dress form to see what would stick.

We liked Heidi so much better when she mostly stayed out of the judging sessions except to act as a moderator. She LIKED this.

It’s a half-assed idea and a half-assed dress. We realize he wanted the Lurex to look sheer so that the mini-dress underneath showed through, but it just looks like a dress that needs to be lined. And could that drape be any less interesting? A little girl playing “Here Comes the Bride” with a bolt of fabric could come up with roughly the same look.

Maybe we shouldn’t have singled Heidi out for criticism because NINA PRAISED THIS.






Please. Anthony almost got auf’d for making a drum majorette costume earlier this season and that was downright tasteful compared to this.

What makes it doubly embarrassing for the judges is that Josh himself thought this look was awful. This is what we mean about the ridiculous producer intervention this season: they’re so bad at it, to a point that it’s a bit insulting to the viewer. If you want to sell the storyline that the judges loved this look, then edit out the part where the designer with the tackiest taste admitted it was a terrible look. Not that it would have made the judges’ praise any less ridiculous, but at least they wouldn’t have come off looking like they had worse taste THAN JOSH.

They overpraised this one wildly but we have to admit it’s the strongest look in this collection.

Considering his choice of material, it was fairly well executed. Then again, his choice of material looks like something you would use for lawn furniture.

But we have no issues with this look. It’s well fitted, it has a simple design to it, but that’s a point in its favor since Josh tends to over-design things. He was “showing growth.”

Our issue with Josh is pretty much the same as our issue with Anya. We don’t particularly mind that either of them made it to the finals. It was an extremely weak pool of contestants this year and they’re both far from the worst. It’s just that they’ve both been over-praised to an absurd extent this season and, when compared with the critiques these very judges have made in previous seasons, it makes the judges look stupid and the producers look like they don’t give a shit. The fact of the matter is, no matter what Michael Kors (or even Nick Verreos) says, a huge part of this show HAS been “Project Seamstress,” at least in the past when designers routinely got auf’d for consistently poor execution or for having “taste issues” or an “editing problem.” You want to send Anya or Clinique Counter to the finals because it makes for good TV?  Go right ahead, but to anyone who’s paid close attention to the show since the first season, all this praising of weak contestants represents the point at which the judges became irrelevant to the process and people were cast and kept in the competition for reasons that had nothing to do with their output, resulting in probably the weakest pack of finalists the show has ever had.

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