PR: Ripping the Collections – Kimberly

Posted on October 31, 2011

We were glad that Kimberly got her chance to show at Fashion Week. Of all the finalists, we thought she wanted that chance more than any of them. Unfortunately, she choked a little when she got there.

The problem with her collection on a whole was that there was too much of a street-y sportswear feel to it. Regardless of what the real world is like, on Project Runway, you’ve got to hit those high fashion beats in order for the judges to love you. We like this look, but we think there were a couple too many looks on this level: sporty, active, and not particularly runway-friendly. Great top, only so-so pants.

We did NOT respond all that well to these metallics together. Kimberly really likes these types of heavy metallics, but we tend to think they should be used sparingly. We’d like that top a lot more if it was paired with a simple black skirt. Ditto and vice versa on the skirt.

This is what we mean. This is a great top with some style to it, but the look as a whole might as well be for a yoga collection, it looks so casual.

This is where Kimberly excels, with these little cocktail dresses with some visual interest. We expected an entire collection of these looks, but she apparently talked herself into showing a range. This was one of her strongest looks and we wish she’d gone more in this direction.

This was probably her strongest look, although the metallic silver and the neon pink were a lot for one look. For all the talk about Viktor’s amazing white leather jacket, we thought this was the more stylish of the two.

She had this gorgeous fabric that does a great job of tying her collection together, and she really didn’t do anything with it. Granted, we wouldn’t blame her for thinking a bright print in a flowy fabric doesn’t actually need construction and sewing in order to get the judges to love it, but we feel that this was a missed opportunity. She could have done an amazing gown with this and instead it’s a pinned-together nothing.

Shiny, white, high-waisted pants are not gonna fly off the racks, but we have to say, pairing them with this top was inspired. We’re still not entirely sold on the bottom half, but the top half looks fantastic.

Another fantastic top. In fact, we think it should have been paired with the pants in the previous look. We stick with what we originally said about the skirt. We like the enhanced butt, but we don’t like the asymmetrical hem and the shiny pink fabric.

Those pants are tragic. We’re sorry, girl, but this is pure Liza – and that ain’t good.

We had to laugh when Kors said he loved this dress. Of course he did. It’s a Michael Kors dress. Perhaps a bit too high-necked in the front, this was sexy and statement-making. A great way to close out the show.

In the end, we think she choked a little. She had an idea of the type of collection she wanted to show and the type of women who would be interested in buying it, but we think her point got muddled with some second-guessing at the end. Her separates are a lot weaker than her dresses and gowns and her attempts at casual went too far away from a runway direction. It just wasn’t exciting enough for a Project Runway finale.

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