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Posted on October 12, 2011

You know how we frequently say “you had to see it in person” when discussing a collection? We’re gonna reverse that for this one. At the time, we were severely under-impressed with Bert’s collection at Lincoln Center. We felt that it was too much of a piece with his insistence on understated elegance and that such an approach wasn’t going to serve him well if he was a finalist and wasn’t going to photograph well for the people watching at home. We still think this collection would not have garnered him a Project Runway win, but we were wrong about the pictures.

Like we said, simple and elegant. Beautifully cut and executed, like all of Bert’s work. We love the little sleeve on her right arm and the strap on her left arm really makes the look.

Let’s just all agree that everything is simple and elegant, okay? We don’t want to have to keep typing it and you don’t want to keep reading it. Love the neckline and the cord sash.

We think this one might be a little too ’70s referential, especially up around the neck. Dramatic, sure. But if this were a dress, it would look exactly like a Bob Mackie gown for Carol Burnett. We like the layering around the hips, but we’re not completely sold on the cut of the pants. And this would have looked a bit more exciting had it been rendered in a color.

Very pretty and modern. We were surprised to see him utilizing a print, but it was a good idea to do so. He really likes those cord sashes, doesn’t he? The skirt’s a bit stiff, however.

Another attempt at modernism that mostly works. But we think this would have looked better in a less stiff, less shiny fabric.

Along with cord sashes, he clearly loves wrapping the neck and shoulders. This is what the judges would call “too mature,” and it probably is for a design competition and runway show, but we bet it’d sell like gangbusters in a department store.

There’s something very chic and modern about this look but we really think his love of cord sashes failed him here. A chain or a belt or even a sash in a contrasting color would have helped take this away from looking kind of bedsheet-y.

Maybe it’s the fabric choice or maybe it’s the way the cut and drape make her top half look much larger than it is, but we’re not crazy about this piece at all.

Just gorgeous. We love that flounce on the side, but it seems to have slightly screwed up the drape of the skirt.

He must have figured he needed one showstopping sexy look to close out the collection. We like, but we’re not crazy about such a deep plunge paired with a halter. It kind of skews her body shape a little.

A quiet, elegant collection of very wearable pieces. The problem, if you can call it that, is that these aren’t runway looks. These are the looks you show a buyer. Since he wasn’t up for the win, this is less of an issue and may just have been a smart move on his part. He never really seemed interested in the fame or the money that might have come with a win. He was always more interested in establishing himself as a designer again and this set of looks accomplishes that nicely. He’s got the goods to get his stuff hanging on racks in stores and we hope this opportunity allows that to happen for him.


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