PR: Ripping the Collections – Anthony Ryan

Posted on October 06, 2011

At the time, we were hoping Anthony Ryan was a finalist because he had one of the stronger collections shown that day. Pitched as a sort of love letter to his hometown of New Orleans (with the still-visible water marks from the Katrina flooding referenced in the blue makeup on the models’ arms), it was a collection with a lot of great separates that were, unfortunately, badly served by some very poor styling decisions.


This struck us as a very odd look with which to open the show, since it’s probably the least interesting of all of them. We like the jacket/top – those hip cutouts will be a repeating motif for the rest of the collection – but pairing it with an equally washed out skirt didn’t show it off well.

A very cute skirt and a somewhat cute top, both rendered in great prints, neither of which should have been paired with the other.

This is one of only two looks in the entire collection where two pieces were paired effectively. We love both pieces and we love the way the skirt references the way many of the tops are cut out along the hip. That one sleeve up/one sleeve down styling choice is a pretty good indicator of how student-y he can get with his styling. Although not as much as the horrendous wigs, too-heavy makeup, and ugly glasses did.

Jesus. What was he thinking with those wigs and glasses? Horrible.

As per usual, it’s a cute pair of shorts and a kind of cute (if underdesigned) top, both of which never should have been paired with the other.

Easily the worst look in the collection. The shoulders are too broad and if he wanted to use an accent print, he should have stuck with one.

She looks like she wants to cry. You can bet this look is never going in her book.

Really great skirt; half-assed top. This is kind of a theme with him. He can’t seem to pair pieces effectively and he tends to put more work and thought into the bottom than the top.

Also, the cheesecake on her head looks ridiculous and came out of left field.

Two great pieces that actually look like they’re supposed to go together. The butterfly almost ruins it, though.

Sorry, Anthony. No matter how much you may love your southern heritage, overalls simply can’t be made to look chic.

Dumb hat.

Too many elements in both pieces. The strips of yellow are distracting and the skirt might have worked if it had a straight hem.

That is a super-kickass jacket, we have to say. Paired with jeans or a contrasting pencil skirt and it would have made for a showstopper of a look. Paired with matching pants just brings it all down to “Enh.”

He had, as we said, some surprisingly strong pieces. Had he been a finalist he would have had the benefit of Tim’s guidance and most likely, more input from the hair and makeup people. He definitely needed someone to tell him where he was going wrong. Edit some of the pieces – and ALL of the looks – and put the girls in more conventionally pretty hair and makeup, and we’d all be saying he was robbed. As it is, his instincts betrayed him and he presented his work in a manner that simply didn’t show it off to its best effect.


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