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Posted on October 11, 2011

Hey, remember that guy Tim who used to mentor the designers and offer them heartwarming moments of encouragement? They let him out of his cage for this episode!

Seriously, this was a cute moment and it made us miss the days where Tim had moments like this practically every episode. We don’t know if he’s been marginalized or he’s simply not into it any more (for which we wouldn’t blame him), but this was a bittersweet reminder of the kinds of scenes the show used to have all the time. Now it’s just “Tell me about your dress.” “Blahblahblah.” “I’m concerned.” “Blah.” “Carry on!”

T and Lo do not agree on Kimberly’s dress. Lo thinks she should have won this challenge. T is not so sure. Granted, none of the efforts this week set T or Lo on fire.

It was a great turnaround, because we were convinced she was going home this week.

And using a lining to make a dress in 3 hours is one of those “Make it work” moments that the show does so well (but not nearly as often as it used to).

And it had a dramatic sweep to it that was very appealling.

People are going to hate us for saying this, but Viktor had a point when he noted that she made a dress very similar to his in a lot of ways. No, he didn’t invent the one-shoulder white gown, but Kimberly spent days working on looks very different from this one and when she was pressed for time and up against the wall she ditched them all for this. He’s not out of line for thinking she just grasped at the first thing in her line of sight.

Granted, Viktor was clearly threatened by the fact that her one-shoulder white gown was better than the one he spent days on.

But here’s where T and Lo part ways:

Tom thinks there are some fairly obvious technical issues here and even if you take into consideration the insanely short turnaround time and forgive them, that beaded panel and semi-exposed breast is tacky.

But she styled her very nicely. No, Tom is fine with the fact that she got praise and got to stay. Winning would have been too much. Lo thinks her entry was better than Josh’s and infinitely better than Anya’s. Tom has to admit, that’s a compelling argument, since he can’t put his finger on who should have won this week.

Miss Laura once again provided high comedy this week. Not only did she think this outfit was the bee’s knees…

She actually said that her pants were well-executed.

It is to LOL.

Not that we’re defending the collar, because it is a little Chicken Lady, but we think the judges (once again) overstated their disapproval. The effect wasn’t nearly as literal as they claimed it was. If you had no idea what the inspiration was, we doubt you’d quickly come to the conclusion that she was referencing a bird, unlike Viktor’s dress which only needed a beak to complete the look.

And sure, the “tailfeather” on the back took it too far, but the judges failed to mention that Anya’s dress had the same detail on the back. To our eyes, the biggest mistake she made was the pants, which were badly made and gave the model a not-particularly-flattering silhouette.

She’s all big and flared-out on top, which makes her bottom look like, yes, we’ll say it: chicken legs. Terrible way to go. A pencil skirt might not have rescued the look, but at least it would have prevented the judges from making that unfortunate association.

We don’t know if it’s a form of delusion or she’s just trying to give good sound bites, but she seems completely unaware of the technical issues her garments routinely have. That top- whatever other faults it might have – is terribly made.

And for all her talk about how tasteful she is, she slathered Halloween makeup on her model.

But hey, she got smacked down once again by the judges and that’s never not fun to watch. Her facial expressions are priceless. We just wonder if she’s ever going to have an honest moment and realize that she’s not considered one of the better designers in the group. In fact, at this point, she’s considered the weakest of the lot.

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