PR: Judging the Judges – Nina vs. Heidi

Posted on October 21, 2011

It’s the final judging of the judges for season 9, darlings. Michael’s out of the running, as always, but it’s interesting how the ladies went for a good-girl look and a bad-girl look.

The thing about great style is, you’ve got to know what you can pull off and what works best on you. Heidi can work the sexy and short dresses and she can even occasionally work the structured and high-end stuff, but the girl really was built for this kind of rock and roll style. If Nina tried this, it would be a disaster, but Heidi looks so good in this we’d rank this as one of the best outfits she’s worn all season. It just suits her and she looks effortlessly sexy as hell. There was some talk in the T LOunge last night of this being a Mondo t-shirt, but we’re pretty sure it’s not. Mondo’s not the only designer to focus on skulls and besides, this isn’t his graphic style, which is much more cartoon-y. He’s uttered not a peep on twitter or Facebook and we would think he’d be letting the world know if Heidi was wearing something of his. Those shoes are so insane but we kind of love them. Score: 9/10. Would’ve given you a perfect score if you’d worn a Mondo shirt, girl.

Nina looks great in whites, but we have this thing about mismatched whites. You can do it; there’s no rule against it, but it doesn’t always work. If those pants were just a shade darker we’d think this was a perfect matching. We like the top, but it doesn’t always look great in a seated position. Love the belt. The shoes have been seen a lot this season and they work better with some outfits than with others. They work pretty great with this look. Score: 8.5/10.


But don’t worry, we already assessed the finale looks and Nina won that one hands down.

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Screencaps:]

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