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Posted on October 24, 2011

Let’s kick off that T Lo tradition of the “Ologies,” examining the competition entries of each of the Project Runway finalists, with everyone’s favorite advocate for eyebrow waxing, Josh. What can we expect from the little drama queen for the finale and what will the judges say in response to it?


Obviously, the story here is one full of exclamation points. Josh like things loud and attention-getting. It’s almost never to our tastes, nor do we think it’s to the judges’ tastes all that often (except Heidi), but we imagine they’d make comparisons to Versace or Heatherette or some other range of designers that like to go loud and over-the-top. Although perhaps the Versace comparison isn’t quite accurate. Sure, he likes embellishments and either shiny garments or bright, loud color combinations, but we can’t say Josh ever veers into what might uncharitably be called slutty looks. Interestingly enough – and we never would have noticed this without looking at them all side by side – sex appeal with Josh is far more sedate and subtle than we would have guessed. Nothing’s really shockingly tight, short, or revealing. Interestingly, he played around a LOT with silhouette and shape. Yes, he returned to the circle skirt at least one time too many, but there are fitted pieces and draped pieces; with cocktail dresses, gowns, pants, blouses, vests (one or two too many), and shorts. He mixed it up quite a bit, which probably had a lot to do with the judges responding so well to him. They always like a designer who can keep them guessing. They also like a designer who can make a loud statement; someone with that highly valued attribute, a “point of view.” Of course, the flip side to that, and something we’ve seen play out on the show again and again, is that the very point of view that got the judges so excited back when other designers were churning out boring entries just to stay in the game, will be the death of him once he gets a chance to showcase it with ten looks. In other words, it’ll stop being charming and exciting to the judges and just wind up being too much for them. Both the dreaded “taste” issue will be mentioned, as will the dreaded “editing” one, since they go hand in hand.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Collage:]

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