PR: Gaybirds

Posted on October 10, 2011

Darlings, we have to say we’re impressed with our commentariat. People often ask us*, “T Lo, how do you manage to find so many things to say about Project Runway day in and day out?” And the simple answer is, “We can pretty much run our mouths off on any topic that vaguely interests us.” But we’re hitting the wall with this season and find the process of pushing out PR posts to be more and more difficult. Not so with the Bitter Kittens. You bitches have been flogging this past episode to death all weekend in the comment section. We’re all “Ugh” on the topic, but we’ll do our best to satisfy your apparent insatiable need to find new ways to call Anya a manipulative bitch and Josh a headcase. Onward, as they say.

*Not really.

To make matters worse, we find ourselves in the unenviable position of agreeing with a lot of what Josh was saying this week, both in the episode, and on the After the Runway show (although not the part where he threatened to beat up Laura Bennett on the streets of New York). He was right when he said that Anya’s refusal to lend him any fabric revealed a lot about her character considering the insane amount of assistance she’s gotten in the workroom from the other designers and he was right when he said in the after show that she’s benefitting from the education that the more technically proficient contestants paid for. Still, you can pay as much tuition as you want…

… but you can’t buy taste. We suspected that the “PSYCH! You only have to show one look!” twist was devised partially to help him out because this dress was so horrifyingly bad there was no way the judges would have been able to avoid auf’ing him and let’s face it, the producers clearly have no intention of auf’ing the Number One Drama Queen of the season before they’ve milked as much out of him as they can. Regardless of whether our suspicions are correct, we think it’s safe to say no one benefited more from that last-second twist than he did.

And to his credit…

He really pulled himself together for his second look.

Not that we think he copied him in any way, but we thought Bert had a point when he noted that Josh essentially made a very Bert-like dress here: simple, classic, and beautifully draped in a very Halston-esque way.

Of course he had to tart it up Josh-style with that totally unnecessary and slightly tacky chain.

As well as that UTTERLY RIDICULOUS and totally tacky corsage.

And the hem was a little problematic.

Despite his sense of entitlement, we don’t think he really had a shot at winning it either way, but this look was a nice reminder that Josh can be a decent designer when he tones things down, even if he didn’t manage to tone it down quite enough.

Viktor, on the other hand, seems to have been infected with the Josh sense of tackiness and overembellishment. This was surprisingly awful.

We can’t even remember what his assigned bird was because the only thing we see when we look at this is “chicken.”

Things seem to have started off well…

But, like Josh, often does, he found one good idea…

And beat it into the ground. Yes, the faux feathers were a nice touch — or would have been if he’d only used about a third as many.

And it’s all so oddly one-sided. Not that we think he should have covered the other side with faux chicken feathers; just that if he’d used them more sparingly, it wouldn’t have looked so off-balance. He’s been knocking out killer looks for several challenges in a row, so he was bound to fall some time. We wonder if he got too hung up on the fact that Kimberly was making a very similar dress and on some level he knew hers was going to get the judgelove over his, causing him to overcompensate. Or overfeatherate.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ – Screencaps:]

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