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Posted on October 04, 2011

We’re at that point in a Project Runway season that we find ourselves every year, when the commentariat seems to hate certain designers way more than we do. We think Laura’s hilarious. Probably unintentionally so, but still; she’s constantly shooting off her mouth and talking smack about her competitors and each week the judges slap her back down again. We’re kind of glad she made it this far, just so we can watch that process happen again and again. Who doesn’t love seeing a self-proclaimed “pretty privileged girl” get told her shit does, in fact, stink?

As for her designs…


At least with Josh’s pieces, you could tell right away what the problem was: he had no idea what the hell he was doing so he just threw a bunch of half-formed ideas at the dress form.

But this design feels so… specific somehow. Like she had a definite idea in her head. We have no idea what that idea was and it was certainly wrongheaded, but there’s something kind of amusing about her self-assurance and constant proclamations that she knows exactly what she’s doing.

For all the talk from the judges about how hideous Josh’s fabric choices were, to our eyes, that skirt fabric was the ugliest thing on the runway by far.

Conceptually, this isn’t a bad little dress. We like the back of it, the silhouette, and the chevrons. It’s just that nothing about this really says seventies and that skirt fabric could cause seizures if you stare at it too long.

Then there was this undesigned thing.

We kind of like that fabric on the top. It’s chic and low key in the exact opposite manner of her other notable fabric choice. It’s almost hard to believe that same designer chose both fabrics for the same challenge.

But why would she make a garment with roughly the same silhouette and proportions as her first one? Why not go off in another direction? If she’s made a simple A-line skirt or even, god help us, a pair of gaucho pants, she would have had something that referenced the period perfectly without looking like a costume. As it is, it almost looks like she gave up on designing this second look at all.

Look at that face. That’s the face of someone who just got her mouth slapped shut. How can you hate her? Each week she loudly declares her superiority and each week, Nina and the judges tell her she’s full of shit. It’s comedy in the grand PR tradition. Just enjoy it, we say. Josh is the one worth getting angry at. Laura provokes more of a pat on the head and a condescending “Bless her heart.”

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ – Screencaps:]

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