PR: Crash and Burn at The Clinique Counter

Posted on October 02, 2011

Could it be, kittens? Could it be possible that the cracks are finally showing in the narcissistic facade? Because this was the first time this season where it seemed like all of the designers and even all of the judges were aware of his shortcomings, both the creative ones and the personality-based ones. Are we witnessing the end of everyone making excuses for this queen? Oh, PR deities, make it so!

Although we really wish someone had countered his lame “I didn’t live during the ’70s” excuse with “YOU GOT A DOSSIER LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, ASSHEAD.”

Because this? Not REMOTELY ’70s.

In fact, it’s kind of stunning how he managed to put together an outfit with so many design elements and couldn’t even luck into accidentally including some from the ’70s. It’s almost as if he actively rejected the entire decade.

Let’s run this down: tuxedo shirt, neon pink, skinny pants, black and white, leopard print, and pattern mixing. We guarantee not one of these elements were anywhere to be found in that dossier. Had this been an ’80s challenge, he might have wound up in the Top 3 (if you ignore the lousy proportions); THAT’s how far off-base he was. He made a look that was straight out of 1983. It was really odd. We suspect he was paying far more attention to what was going on on the other dress forms in the room than he was to what could be found in that dossier.

The only thing he managed to accomplish was to get the judges to finally start seriously discussing his taste issues and bad instincts.

And that conversation spilled over to this look, although we think it was slightly less warranted.

This was closer to the mark by virtue of being a maxi-dress, but we think it also inadvertently revealed his lack of knowledge. It’s likely he looked around the room, saw other designers making maxi-dress-inspired looks and decided to put his own twist on them. The problem is, he managed to make a maxi-dress that ALSO avoids using any ’70s elements outside the length of the skirt. The buckle straps, the criss-cross belt, the fitted, bustier-like top, high waist, and neon print are all recognizably NOT ’70s. You might argue that this was an “updated” version, but we don’t agree. It’s a maxi-dress made by someone who has no idea what maxi-dresses looked like almost 40 years ago.

Taken on its own, it’s not a bad garment (unlike the previous look), so we tend to think the judges going on about the ugly fabric (which really wasn’t that bad) was a bit of an over-reaction.

But when you look at them side by side and couple that with both his lame excuses and his clear inability to handle (let alone even listen to) any sort of criticism, we think the judges just got fed up with him.

And when the show goes out of its way to show this bad reaction, and then to show an even worse reaction in the backroom when one of his competitors makes a relatively mild observation – because let’s face it; his “YOU’RE ATTACKING ME!!!!” and stomping off were DELICIOUS to anyone who had to sit through his attacking Becky and Bert – we’re left with the tiniest bit of hope that that season’s jackass won’t make it to the finals.

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