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Posted on October 27, 2011

Okay, bitches. Let’s get this one started.


It would have been possible to write this post without ever seeing the pictures. Say what you will about Anya, she has a very definable point of view. Long-skirted or wide-legged, most often paired with a plunging neckline and rendered in a wild print. She made no sleeves here except the one, which the judges all treated like a huge innovation simply because it came from the gal who doesn’t make sleeves. Yes, it’s pretty hard to deny, looking at this collection of pictures, that Anya was graded on a curve, because except for that last row of looks, which clearly benefited from Bert’s assistance (i.e., he made them from the ground up), this is a set of awkward, repetitive looks that never should have gotten the praise they did. One thing that really stands out: for all the talk of her use of prints, we find the prints she chose to be fairly average. Unlike other designers who are known for prints, there isn’t one instance here where we said “Wow, what a gorgeous print.” And for us, that’s a problem, since she uses prints to do some of the heavy lifting in her designs, putting together garments that would have virtually no interest at all if they weren’t executed in a print. And we use the term “putting together” because that’s the overwhelming sense we get here: she draped, then she pinned, then she put a couple of stitches in. Except for a few instance where she really pushed herself, the designs are fairly underdesigned, revealing little of her understanding of fabric and how it works on the body. In other words, even if you accept that this show isn’t “Project Seamstress” and sewing skill shouldn’t be a consideration, you’re still left with a bunch of looks that demonstrate a design understanding on par with her sewing skills. We’ll give her credit for one thing: she attempted several times to really go against her instincts and put something together that didn’t have the same flowy, resort, asymmetrical style. The only one of these attempts that impresses us is the HP print cocktail dress and even then, it’s an extremely simple design.

This is going to get us pegged as “haters” from her sizable online army of defenders, but the thing is, we don’t really know Anya. We have no thoughts about her as a person; merely as a contestant, and she’s been a contestant who benefited from a lot of assistance, was reluctant to provide any assistance to anyone else, and got wildly overpraised for putting out some uninspired garments that for the most part, we’ve seen before. So, no, we don’t hate Anya. We’re just not remotely impressed by her.

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