Pairs Division: Lowe and Smith

Posted on October 31, 2011

Darlings, we’re well-rested after our weekend away from all things Project Runway -related, so we’re ready to strap on our bitchpants again and get to work. We have a ton of reality TV, regular TV and red carpet blogging to sling today, so let’s get to work, shall we? We’ll start off with an easy one.

Daisy Lowe and Matt Smith attend the GQ Man Of The Year Award 2011 in Berlin, Germany.

HE: Looks adorable, full stop. Those of you who have been bitching about his hair will be happy to see that he’s toned it down considerably and gotten it out of his face. We love the low-key classic chicness here. A crisp, white shirt and a beautifully tailored grey suit, paired with a subtle olive tie and topped off with a collar pin. The jacket’s a bit long on him, however, and we would have recommended a slimmer cut on those pants, but aside from those minor quibbles, we think he looks fantastic. Score: 8.5/10.

SHE: Is doing her usual thing, but it’s not working as well here. The dress would be fine if it didn’t have that massive crumb-catcher in the front. If you think we’re irrational about ankle straps, wait till you hear us on Mary Janes, but we can admit that they work with her style and even with the dress. Mostly. No, what’s setting us off here (aside from the crumb-catcher) is the hair. We get that this tousled alterna-chick hair is her thing and it suits her, but it just looks odd next to his sleek and classic look. Score: 6/10.

Combined Score: 7.25/10. We like it when these two hit the streets in their little street getups, but the mark of true style is when you can go from street to formal and pull both off equally well. He’s more than proven he can, but she needs to show some polish when her man’s looking like that.

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