MF: Night of a Thousand Gowns

Posted on October 12, 2011

There’s a part of us that simply doesn’t want to criticize anything about this show because it’s refreshing to see a reality TV series that’s mostly all about the creative process and the people involved have a lot of personality, but mainly spend their time joking and laughing instead of shrieking and fighting.

Because come on, this was hilarious.

But there seems to be quite a bit of filler in the “Will this work? I don’t think this will work” vein and so far, it never goes anywhere.

And there seems to be a reliance on the client to provide all kinds of scene-stealing difficulties, but so far, they’ve all been game. Which is fine and makes sense, because if you’re going to Chris March for a dress, you’d look like an idiot if you complained it was too over the top or hard to wear. But that just means they shouldn’t attempt to wring drama out of a drama-free situation. There was an awful lot of time devoted to the question of how difficult Dina was going to be and the answer was… not at all.

But the biggest problem with the format is that you only get to see the final product for a few seconds. We all watch the show to see what crazy thing Chris and his team are going to come up with. This is the money shot, people. Let’s spend a little more time oohing and aahing over it, okay? It seems to us that all of these problems come down to simple editing and we hope the show will tighten up its format going forward. It always takes a new show a little time to find its footing.

As for the dress…

It really was a sight to see. And Dina was quite right to point out the problems that needed fixing, like the flare at the bottom looking tacked on and the lack of support for her boobs. The final product looks spectacular and we think that bow made from a vintage dress really made the look.

But you know what really kills us? They didn’t include THIS in the episode:

Maybe there was some sort of copyright issue or something, but THAT is truly spectacular.

Unfortunately, the Bravo site doesn’t have many pictures of Empress Pepper’s head dress and again, we only saw it for a split second, but it looked pretty fabulous from what we could tell.

[Photo Credit: Andrei Jackamets/]

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