Lady Gaga in London

Posted on October 07, 2011

Very important developments in Gaga style news, darlings. Let’s go to the tape.

First, and most important, HOT GINGER HANDLER IS BACK. Oh, thank you, Steffi.

Second, the dress is kind of ugly, what with the way it cuts her in half, but we dig the after dinner mint shoes and hair, and the glasses are kind of hilarious.

Once she established the minty virgin look, she went for something a little darker.

And hairier.

We could almost get behind this. The hat is fun and the upper part of the… um… dress, we supposed is what it’s called — is also kind of fun and fabulous, but the way it’s cut high on the hip (VERY high) and the way it all sort of falls between her legs makes it look, frankly, a little gross. We’re all for a gal who wants to rock a natural bush, but come ON. That’s got to feel a little weird between her legs.

And, having worked the virgin and the hairy S&M looks, it was time for Stefi to do a little shopping dressed like an English  society matron on crack:

Come on, you’ve gotta love that.

[Photo Credit: WireImage]

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