Jamie Bell & Daniel Craig at the “Tintin” premiere

Posted on October 24, 2011

The boys were out in their finest and their semi-finest for the premiere of their little Uncanny Valley cartoon. Let’s assess.


Jamie Bell attends the UK premiere for “The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn” at The 55th BFI London Film Festival.

Simple and classic, but polished. We’re never really going to love the black shirt and contrasting tie combination, but some men can pull it off better than others. We’re also not the biggest fans in the world of matching your tie too closely to your suit, but we’d rather see that in a case like this than some high-contrast color like a red or blue. He looks understated, but a little bit like a British gangster, which we would guess was kind of the point. That whole “chic+dangerous” thing the Brit men can do so well. His hair looks great.

Daniel, perhaps not wanting to compete with a youngster, went a different route:


And we have to say, we kind of like it. This is the other thing Brit male celebs do well, that sort of “sexy school headmaster” look. The jeans – and can we say? The man fills out jeans deliciously – really take it down from being too stuffy-looking, what with the sweater, tie and pin-striped duster. It’s somewhere in that hazy middle between “dressed up” and “too casual” but we really like the pairings here and we think he’s just the guy to make an outfit like this work as well as a suit. He looks hot.

Although Daniel, we have to inform you that your beard is more than a bit aging. Reconsider, darling.

[Photo Credit: Dave Hogan/Getty Images]

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