‘In Time’ Premiere Red Carpet

Posted on October 21, 2011

Kittens, it was the premiere of  “In Time” at the Regency Village Theater in Westwood, California. Let’s judge the cast members together, like a family.

Amanda Seyfried in Prabal Gurung

Yes, Amanda, your dress really is adorable. No need to rely on the “Aren’t I adorable?” posing. Your shoes are tired, however.


Justin Timberlake

Y’know, we’ve gotta give the Timberlake a lot of credit. This is an unusual route to go and it takes a little bit of nerve to attempt it. He looks like a car salesman in 1975, but that could have been mitigated by losing the dark brown shirt, which was a pretty big mistake.


Matt Bomer




Olivia Wilde in Yigal Azrouël

Very simple, but it suits her and those shoes go a long way toward making it interesting.


August Emerson

Seriously? You look like an utter tool. It seems somehow appropriate that it says “NOODLE” right next to your head.


Brendan Miller

No, no. Wait. YOU look like an utter tool. And you can’t pull off the big-jacket-over-slim-pants look. And your hair looks weird.


Collins Pennie

You, sir, are no tool. But if you were, you would be a finely crafted one. Well done.


Rachel Roberts

She’s working that red carpet like her rent is due, but it’s kind of a generic look. At least sass it up with some killer shoes and some showy jewelry.


Vincent Kartheiser

Oh, Vincent. Do you still live in a house without a bathroom and refuse to own a car? Because it certainly looks like you haven’t bathed in a while and took a crowded bus to get here.


Yaya DaCosta

We like! Very sassy print and the accentuated shoulders work really well on her. We should see more hats on the red carpet, don’t you think? Not crazy about the shoes. We think she could have found something that coordinated a little better than basic black.


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