In or Out: Uma Thurman in Louis Vuitton

Posted on October 11, 2011

Miss Uma has had a somewhat problematic relationship with the red carpet. It seems to us that she’s one of those people who’ve heard all their life how beautiful they are and it soured her on putting too much work into her looks, resulting in a lot of half-assed getups when making public appearances. So we were pretty happy to see her step out in Paris looking like this:


Uma Thurman in Louis VuittonUma Thurman attends the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris during Paris Fashion week in Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Resort 2012 CollectionLouis Vuitton Resort 2012 Collection/Model: Arizona Muse

Uma Thurman in Louis Vuitton

Uma Thurman in Louis Vuitton

Uma Thurman in Louis Vuitton

Uma Thurman in Louis Vuitton

It’s a spectacular dress and it suits her to a T. But we can’t give the gal a “WERQ!” shoutout just yet because, as always with her, we have some issues with the detailing. Issue One: Those shoes. They are almost surely not, but we can’t help thinking they look a little cheap. Issue Two: The bag. Loyal minions will know that we’d never ding a gal for sporting a mismatched bag (in fact, we’d be more likely to applaud her for it), but we really don’t think this green thing was the way to go with this dress. Issue Three: We’re almost embarrassed to admit this because it’s a level of picayune bitchery we like to avoid, but we really hate the color of her nails. We don’t normally pay any sort of attention to nail color, but in this case, we think it’s kind of distracting.

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IN! Chic and soignée in that totally Parisian way!


OUT! Clumsy and mismatched in that totally Parisian way!

The T Lo commentariat rose up en masse and told us to stop being so damn picky by giving Camilla Belle’s Halloween tablecloth a resounding IN.

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