In or Out: Michelle Monaghan in Marchesa

Posted on October 11, 2011

What the HELL, Michelle Monaghan.

Michelle Monaghan in MarchesaMichelle Monaghan attends the 2011 Whitney Museum of American Art Gala in New York City in a Marchesa dress.

Marchesa Spring 2012 CollectionMarchesa Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Kristina Romanova

Michelle Monaghan in Marchesa

Michelle Monaghan in Marchesa

Michelle Monaghan in Marchesa

Michelle Monaghan in Marchesa

As in… What the HELL IS GOING ON HERE? Once again, we are of two minds when it comes to Marchesa. Lo thinks this dress is mostly very pretty. Tom thinks it might have been pretty (in a totally boring and expected princess-y way) if those ridiculous flounces didn’t completely change the shape of her body and make her look like she’s all twisted out of shape. We are both in agreement that her bangs are ridiculous. There should be a term for bangs that oversized. Booms, maybe? Whatever you call them, we instantly assume when a celeb starts rocking the huge bangs, it’s because she over-botoxed and is waiting for her forehead to settle. Also, why are her shoes so huge? Basically, WHY IS EVERYTHING MAKING HER LOOK ALL SKEWED AND OUT OF PROPORTION? You’ve got the booms on her forehead, the S curve that the dress is making out of her body, and then these huge satin-y feet. It’s funhouse mirror fashion. Also, her lipstick looks like it was put on 2 days ago. To quote our bitchy patron saint, Marlene Dietrich: “You’we a mess, honey.”

As always, bitter kittens are free to disagree.


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IN! She’s a pretty, pretty princess – with a spinal deformity!

OUT! She looks like a party favor at a bridal shower!

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