In or Out: Mary Elizabeth Winstead in D&G

Posted on October 27, 2011

We’ve been digging M.E.W.’s sexy-sweet red carpet stylings lately, but we’re wondering if this has gone too far into “sweet” territory:

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in D&GMary Elizabeth Winstead attends the premiere of “Like Crazy” in Los Angeles in a D&G dress.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in D&G

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in D&G

Because that’s not just “sweet,” that’s “kindergarten teacher sweet.” But we’re suckers for a floral on the red carpet and the colors look great on her. Plus, we’re impressed with the styling. The clutch is nice enough but the metallic gold pumps were an inspired choice, dressing it up and providing just enough of a visual punch without looking matchy.  Hair and makeup are really cute and we like the earrings. She might have tried getting a little more adventurous with the jewelry, but with such a strong floral, you risk looking like a fortune teller if you start slapping on bangles. No, we like this one more than dislike it, even if she does look like she should be handing out construction paper and safety scissors to 6-year-olds.

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IN! Who doesn’t love a pretty fall floral?

OUT! Minister’s wife!

Both Zoe Saldana’s over-layered schmatta and SJP’s awkward Square Pegs dress got voted OUT by the increasingly bitter kittens yesterday.


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