In or Out: Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Christian Dior

Posted on October 12, 2011

So, during our early morning editorial meeting, Lorenzo showed Tom these pictures. Tom lit up. “You know she was the girl in the movie last night, right?” Lo’s face fell. “Oh.” You see, we happened to catch that Scott Pilgrim movie last night on HBO and Lo walked out after about a half hour, leaving T to cackle and cheer for the next 80 minutes. Suffice it to say, we did not agree on the movie’s charms. You either have to be under 30 or a lifelong nerd to really get it and Lo is neither of those things. But if you are, T can’t recommend it enough.


Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Christian DiorMary Elizabeth Winstead attends the premiere of “The Thing” in Universal City, California in a Christian Dior gown paired with Brian Atwood heels and a Swarovski clutch.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Christian Dior

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Christian Dior

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Christian Dior

Sometimes a gal is at her best working a simply pretty look. We think she looks fantastic here and we have nothing bad to say about it. Maybe she could have worn more jewelry but we kind of respect her and her stylist for having the restraint to keep things simple. Hair and makeup look fantastic. Some might say the lip is too red but we think it works with the simplicity of the look. Just an old school pretty with no muss or fuss. T Lo approves.

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IN! I love a simple girl!

OUT! The bad girl at the Virginity Ball!

The minions shrieked as one and cast Michelle Monaghan’s twisted bridal shower dress OUT, but also showed some backbone and told T Lo to shut up about Uma’s chic Paris look, declaring it IN. Your opinionating makes us proud, darlings.

[Photo Credit: David Gabber/PR Photos]

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