In or Out: Madeleine Stowe in Dolce & Gabbana

Posted on October 19, 2011

Why Victoria Grayson, you conniving little minx, you.

Madeleine Stowe in Dolce & GabbanaMadeleine Stowe attends the 2011 Environmental Media Awards in a Dolce & Gabbana dress.

Madeleine Stowe in Dolce & Gabbana

Madeleine Stowe in Dolce & Gabbana

We admit this isn’t the most exciting look in the world but we only chose this so we could ask the following: Hands up; who’s watching Revenge and loving it like a delicious scoop of their favorite ice cream on a warm brownie? It’s about time we all had a good, dishy nightime soap again, amirite? And it’s been long past time for us all to be treated to an actress who can say the words “I AM GOING TO DESTROY YOU!” with just the right amount of icy fury in her voice, no? Delicious. And the best thing about Stowe’s performance is that it quite deftly walks a tightrope, balancing between understated dramatic acting (seriously; the things she can do with a blink and a frozen, insincere smile) and campy, Joan Collins-style scenery-chewing. She never really lapses into the latter, but you can see it just under the surface. Just a great, fun performance to watch.

Anyway, its another D&G lacey black dress. We can’t say it’s all that exciting, but it fits her well and the accessories are no-brainers. This obviously isn’t the most glamorous or high-profile of events so we wouldn’t blame her for keeping it simple. The black pumps are fine; but we would have recommended some sparkle or color with the bag. And speaking of sparkle, so little  jewelry, Victoria Grayson? For shame. You can put on and take off earrings with such meaning on your show. A shame you aren’t wearing something just a little showy here, especially at the neck. A necklace would have punctuated this look far better than the bangle.


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IN! I AM GOING TO DESTROY YOU, TLO! She looks perfect!

OUT! Victoria would never leave the Hamptons house without more diamonds!


The Bitter Kittens were quite feisty yesterday, voting both Jennifer Aniston’s “I still got it, right?” dress and Fergie’s “I’m, like, classy, right?” dress OUT.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

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