In or Out: Leelee Sobieski in Jil Sander

Posted on October 28, 2011

Lorenzo spun his laptop around to Tom, saying, “I know you and everyone else are going to hate this, but I think it’s fabulous.”

“Let me take a look,” said Tom. “Everyone’s all het up over Project Runway, maybe we can give them all a “WERQ” post to cheer the– oh.”

“I told you. You hate it.”

“Put it this way: I’m not snapping up.”


Leelee Sobieski in Jil SanderLeelee Sobieski attends the Fashion Group International’s 28th annual Night of Stars in New York City in Jil Sander.

Leelee Sobieski in Jil SanderJil Sander Fall 2011 Collection

Leelee Sobieski in Jil Sander

Leelee Sobieski in Jil Sander

Leelee Sobieski in Jil Sander

And yes, the “sister-wife” jokes will now commence. Please come up with a creative use of the term.

But we can’t deny that it’s chic and original. Tom doesn’t hate it, but he doesn’t love it as much as Lorenzo does. Kittens make the call:


Vote Now!

OUT! Get this girl deprogrammed, STAT!

The kittens voted both Olivia Wilde’s bold accessorizing and Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s sugary-sweetness IN. Aren’t you charitable little angels.

[Photo Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images,]

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