In or Out: Lady Gaga in Viktor & Rolf

Posted on October 04, 2011

Oh, Stef. You make us so sad in so many ways.

Lady Gaga in Viktor & RolfLady Gaga arrives at the Beacon Theatre in New York City in Viktor & Rolf.

Viktor & Rolf Resort 2012 CollectionViktor & Rolf Resort 2012 Collection/Model: Anais Pouliot

Lady Gaga in Viktor & Rolf

Lady Gaga in Viktor & Rolf

Lady Gaga in Viktor & Rolf

First, there’s the fact that your hot ginger handler is nowhere to be seen in these pictures. Did he get fresh with you? Did you decide he wasn’t monster-y enough? We’re asking.

Then there’s the fact that you are RUINING this fabulous suit because those pants are way too long on you and not only can we not see the shoes you’re wearing, which are no doubt made out of something provocative, like guns or babydoll heads or guns held to babydoll heads, but also BECAUSE YOU ARE DRAGGING YOUR PANTS THROUGH THE FILTH OF THE STREETS. Then there’s the pseudo-bouffant and the weird electrical tape bra thingie you’ve got on, both of which are making you look eerily like a blonde Amy Winehouse and that kind of makes us a little sad because Amy Winehouse.

So here’s our advice, kid: lose the bouffant, put on a real bra, get your pants hemmed, and forgive ginger handler for whatever transgressions that caused him to be absent from your life and ours. We’ll let our minions have the final say. You have monsters; we have minions. We should compare notes some time.

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IN! It’s a salute to seventies appliances, bitches!

OUT! It’s a salute to seventies appliances, bitches.

Olivia Palermo’s attempt to recreate the ENTIRE Piperlime accessories wall in one look was voted out by the minions.

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